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A Salute to Military Nursing

Having a degree in nursing can take you in a hundred different directions for your career. One that holds promise and great benefits is that of an Army nurse. ROTC recruiter Jack Sturgeon works with us here on BYU campus to help students receive scholarships and get a jumpstart in the U.S. Army coming from the nursing program.

ROTC, which stands for Reserve Officer Training Corp, was established "long ago to help augment West Point, which was then our primary way of receiving a commission as an officer," says Sturgeon. Today, ROTC commissions about 7,500 officers a year, while West Point puts out about 900.

Here at BYU, the ROTC has about 130 cadets, which is what students that are enrolled in the ROTC program are called. Each cadet is required to take one military science class each semester. In addition, they have an early morning workout regime on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for an hour before school starts.

Recruitment as a nursing student to the ROTC program means quite a few opportunities and benefits than can affect a nurses' time at BYU and, maybe more importantly, their bank account. If a scholarship is awarded to a nursing student, that scholarship will put $15,400 every school year directly into that student's bank account. That student can choose to spend that money however they desire, and with tuition at BYU costing only around $6,000, that money can go a long way in ensuring that the student need not worry about finances during their time at BYU.

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