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Becoming an FNP

In 2017, Atalie Bradshaw was a regular BYU Nursing graduate, excited to apply her knowledge of "the Healers art" in her career. Since then, she has cared for thousands of people in various units, the most recent being in the Covid and Respiratory/Sepsis units at Utah Valley Hospital. Today, because of her confidence, dedication, and passion for nursing she has won the College of Nursing's 3 Minute Thesis competition where grad students present the dissertations they've worked on for the past 2 years in 3 minutes or less with one Powerpoint slide. Dr. Neil Peterson, graduate program coordinator and judge of the 3-Minute Thesis competition says, "Atalie Bradshaw's presentation stood out in a number of ways. Her topic was timely, and she made it relatable to anyone watching. Did you know that nearly 1 in 4 women will experience sexual assault in their lifetime? I didn't either. This study will inform interdisciplinary practices on identifying sexual assault and should improve sexual assault care and criminal justice outcomes for these women." Atalie's thesis is monumental because its different than previous studies on sexual assault injuries. For example, out of the eighty studies she read, the sample populations consisted of 80 to 200 people with the largest consisting of 1,000 subjects. Atalie's sample population consists of 5,400 women, increasing its validity and making it an influential study in the field of sexual assault. Read the rest of the story on our blog at