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Chase Owens Receives DAISY Recognition

College presents DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nursing Students.

The College of Nursing at Brigham Young University partners with the DAISY Foundation to recognize nursing professors and students who show extraordinary compassion. After the death of Patrick Barnes at the age of 33 from complications of an autoimmune disease, the Barnes family decided to do something positive to honor him. They established DAISY–an acronym for diseases attacking the immune system–to thank the nurses who cared for him and recognize exceptional nurses worldwide.

This year the College of Nursing awards Chase Owens the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nursing Students.

In her nomination for Chase, Dr. Denise Cummins wrote, “I was impressed with Chase while he was in my Nursing 352, Nursing Care of Women and Newborns, class. He was serious about mastering the knowledge and skills he needed to care for patients, even in a nursing specialty he was unlikely to choose after graduation. In addition, Chase built trust and respect with his clinical mentor nurses and patients by being eager to learn from and serve them and giving his best during each clinical experience.”

In addition to the words of Dr. Cummins, six clinical nurse mentors commented on Chase’s work as a nurse. One wrote, “Chase is very proactive and willing to be as involved as possible and learn and participate as much as possible! He is awesome, learns fast, and helps with (many types of care). In addition, Chase is very good at communicating, is very nice and kind, and makes people feel at ease as he is friendly, approachable, and accommodating.” Another said, “Chase is wonderful. He learns fast and is more than happy to help. He takes advantage of every learning situation. Chase even reminded me about a task I’d forgotten about. He’s a good communicator.” One nurse expressed, “I even learned a few new things from him about his practice analysis topic – one with which I’m already very familiar.”

The College of Nursing is proud to award Chase Owens the DAISY Award and applaud his proactiveness, compassion, and attention to detail.