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College Awards Dr. Parrish as Preceptor of the Year

Each year, the BYU College of Nursing recognizes a preceptor who positively influences nursing students' education. That honor was awarded to Chad Parrish, a PA and owner of Hillside Medical Clinic in Salem, Utah. Many nurse practitioner students are grateful for his mentorship and the valuable lessons they learned from him.

One student described Chad, “My favorite characteristic of Chad is that he remembers that his patients are real people. He treats his patients, not just their condition. Together we saw and treated many patients for chronic pain, depression/anxiety, and many other difficult diagnoses to manage. When he sits with patients, you would think that that patient is the only person in the clinic. Chad assesses the patient’s environment and expectations and creates a treatment plan that is individual to each patient. He asks about their families, their jobs, or even the teams they are coaching. Chad shows each patient that he is invested in their health and lives. Truly, I’ve never seen anything like it. He is one of a kind, and I will remember my time with him as my preceptor for the rest of my career. Chad is a skilled clinician with an impressive knowledge base, but he can still relate to everyone. That's why he is booked out weeks in advance; people love him; I love him; I aspire to be just like him.”

Another student talked about lessons learned, “Chad taught me to take the time to explain things in a way the patient can understand. He taught me that the real purpose of the paper they put on the exam tables is for drawing pictures. He draws pictures, writes things out, and makes analogies that relate to the patient’s life. He gets very creative in teaching patients, but because of his efforts, every patient leaves Chad’s clinic feeling informed, empowered, and confident in their care plan. It is incredible to witness.”

A third student shared how grateful they were for Chad’s dedication saying, “Thank you so much for your mentorship. You always go the extra mile, and we all appreciate you. You have taught me to care for the whole person instead of just the disease. You also inspire me always to keep learning. You are the type of provider that I aspire to be. Thank you for teaching me how to suture! I’ll always remember your tips and tricks to make patients more comfortable. You had confidence in me. You believed in me. You trusted me. Because of your example, I always try to take a student and base my own mentoring on your example. I cannot think of anyone better deserving of the award than Chad. He helped make me the successful provider I am today. Chad, you were always more than a preceptor. I came away from my experience at Hillside Medical Clinic with a lifelong friend.”

This award was only one small way to show the graduate program and the College of Nursing appreciates Chad and his time. Chad Parrish has been an incredible teacher and influence in these students' lives, and the College of Nursing is proud to award him preceptor of the year!