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College Staff Receive University SAERA Awards

Unique recognition is given for dedication to the college and its students.

Our incredible staff members, Heather Van Leeuwen and Nancy Salanoa have been awarded a BYU Staff and Administrative Employee Recognition Award (SAERA). This campus award recognizes individuals and their demonstration of core BYU values set by the President’s Council. Award recipients are nominated by co-workers, supervisors, or faculty members.

Heather has been recognized under the category of accountability and results for her efforts in clinical placements. Associate Dean Dr. Beth Luthy described her role: “Heather leads the charge to place 400 undergraduate nursing students in a clinical setting each semester. Doing so requires her to collaborate across organizations with multiple hospitals and healthcare systems in the state, each with different student requirements, orientation processes, and contracts.” Heather is multi-talented and can collaborate with faculty and the student advisement center to overcome challenges. She is insightful, innovative, respected, patient, and hardworking. Dr. Luthy shared an example of Heather’s willingness to go above and beyond: “When Heather had difficulty securing clinical spots in extended care facilities, she started driving to clinical sites to meet with facility managers and build collaborative relationships. As a result, she successfully secured clinical spots and increased clinical rotation opportunities for our students. Without Heather's important contributions to the College of Nursing, clinical rotations for undergraduate students would stop, devastating student learning. We need her and appreciate her.”

Nancy was recognized for the value of teamwork. She is an excellent example and a great team player to all who interact with her. Associate Dean Dr. Julie Valentine and Assistant Dean Delsa Richards submitted her nomination. They wrote: “We recently had a substantial workload assignment within the college. Nancy was our first choice because of her strong track record of accomplishing tasks accurately, efficiently, and positively. However, we were worried about asking her because she already had multiple responsibilities. Before I could ask Nancy to take on this new responsibility, she came to me and asked if it could be added to her role. She was aware of the needs of the college and stepped up to the plate.” Dr. Valentine and Richards shared their admiration: “Nancy is seemingly always aware of the needs of the college and the individuals therein and goes beyond her role to help others.” As many of Nancy’s co-workers might agree, interacting with Nancy leaves you feeling lighter and encouraged.

Nancy Salanoa (left), Heather Van Leeuwen (right)

The College of Nursing appreciates all of its hardworking administration and staff, congratulating Nancy and Heather on this achievement!