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Dr. Macintosh Honored With DAISY Award

College presents DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nursing Faculty.

The College of Nursing at Brigham Young University partners with the DAISY Foundation to recognize nursing professors and students who show extraordinary compassion. After the death of Patrick Barnes at the age of 33 from complications of an autoimmune disease, the Barnes family decided to do something positive to honor him. They established DAISY–an acronym for diseases attacking the immune system–to thank the nurses who cared for him and recognize exceptional nurses worldwide.

This year the College of Nursing is pleased to honor Associate Professor Dr. Janelle Macintosh with the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nursing Faculty.

Many students submitted nominations praising Dr. Macintosh and her teaching. One student wrote, “Dr. Macintosh is genuinely incredible. While in her lecture on end-of-life care for children, I couldn’t help but think of all the children I saw at the end of their life this summer while working in the PICU at Primary Children’s Hospital. While working there, I was told to stay unattached and emotionally uninvolved. That did not sit quite right with me. I was also not sure how to balance the sadness without being overcome. During a class break, I talked to Dr. Macintosh. She said something that hit me hard. She told me to care and feel and that it is impossible not to show compassion. That lecture, she cried. She showed us that it is good to recognize our feelings. Dr. Macintosh taught us how she showed compassion daily as a nurse, for her patients and families, and now as a teacher for her students.”

Dr. Macintosh is grateful to have been nominated for this award. She said, “How very kind to have a student be willing to share how they felt uplifted and influenced by my comment. Most teachers hope to touch their students and help them learn and grow, and often we don’t know if we have accomplished much. It was lovely to be acknowledged and to hear from that student.”

The College of Nursing is grateful for Dr. Janelle Macintosh and thrilled to present her with the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nursing Faculty!