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Dr. Michael Robinson Receives DAISY Award

College presents DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nursing Faculty.

The College of Nursing at Brigham Young University partners with the DAISY Foundation to recognize nursing professors and students who show extraordinary compassion. After the death of Patrick Barnes at the age of 33 from complications of an autoimmune disease, the Barnes family decided to do something positive to honor him. They established DAISY–an acronym for diseases attacking the immune system–to thank the nurses who cared for him and recognize exceptional nurses worldwide.

The College of Nursing honors Dr. Michael Robinson with The DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nursing Faculty.

Dr. Michael Robinson received nominations from several graduate students, as well as undergraduate nursing students. One student shared, “He advocates for students to feel supported and psychologically safe.” Another wrote, “Mike is an outstanding professor with so much family medicine experience that provides a fantastic experience for FNP students at BYU. He is genuine and brings the spirit of Christ into each lesson.” A third student expressed, “Dr. Robinson is a knowledgeable and attentive professor. His approach is gentle; he listens to our concerns and addresses them. He also teaches us about real life as a family practice provider. He is a fantastic mentor!”

Other students shared similar sentiments. “Dr. Robinson made me feel like I belonged in the program, especially in my lab group. He fostered an environment that felt safe to learn in, and especially an environment where we could be ourselves,” one wrote. Student Darlee Fountain added, “I had the opportunity to travel to DC with Mike. He was incredibly compassionate with everyone, from the veterans to the students. Mike spent time with each of us there, showed interest in our lives and goals, and provided encouragement. Whenever someone was distressed or nervous, Mike was the one we knew would be respectful and help us in any way he could.” She continued, “He’s an excellent example of an extraordinary nursing faculty because he can maintain boundaries of the student-faculty relationship but still build a wonderful and compassionate relationship with his students.”

About receiving the award, Dr. Robinson commented, “My initial feelings were shock and humble gratitude. I am delighted that my students took notice that I care about them and want the best for them; I am completely honored that they thought to submit my name for the DAISY award.” His nomination also helped Dr. Robinson feel seen. “It is easy in this college to feel small,” he said. “So many of our professors are very accomplished.”

The College of Nursing is proud to award Dr. Michael Robinson the DAISY Award. We thank him for his mentorship and compassion.