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Dr. Peggy Anderson receives recognition.

Associate teaching professor Dr. Peggy Anderson recently received The DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nursing Faculty.

Peggy is the undergraduate studies program coordinator and has worked many unseen hours to ensure students in quarantine or exposed to COVID-19 are safe, have access to clinical learning, and overall have their needs met while in isolation.

One faculty member writes, "Peggy has an uncanny ability to see to the heart of the matter' with her heart. She speaks for the vulnerable, cheers for those who work hard, has a ready smile for all, and intuitively knows what to do or say. Her quiet example of really doing her best in everything is a comfort. Students can feel her warmth and always come away cheered by interaction with her."Another person writes, "Rarely in my life have I been blessed to encounter someone who is as charitable, guileless, and compassionate as Peggy. She goes about quietly serving the faculty and students of the College of Nursing, usually in ways that are nearly invisible, yet indispensable."The College of Nursing is pleased to present Dr. Peggy Anderson with The DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nursing Faculty.