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From Student to Educator: BYU Nursing Student Launches a New Class on Health Literacy

Maryn Behling
Maryn Behling

Meet Maryn Behling, a BYU Nursing student who took her passion for health education to the next level. In June of 2022, Maryn started BYU Health Science, a student-led organization that aimed to provide students with a comprehensive introduction to health science. One of the club’s primary objectives was to establish a general education health course at BYU that all students could take, regardless of their major.

After months of research and preparation, the club presented their idea and curriculum to the BYU Board of Public Health in November of 2022. The proposal was accepted, and the course was approved. Robert Chaney was assigned to be the professor, and for the next six months Maryn and her team worked with him to further develop the course.

The class started this fall semester and is called HLTH 403R: Health and the Human Body. The course counts for Microbiology and anatomy credit, with 30 students in the section. The Public Health School has projected in Winter 2025 it will become HLTH 101, a general course projected to fulfill the biological science GE credit.

"It's been so incredible to work on," Maryn explained. "I now TA for the course and even get to teach some lectures!"

Maryn and the other incredible board members of BYU Health Science are pleased with their journey and its outcome. The new course emphasizes the connection of mind, body, and spirit and how studying this can bring others closer to Jesus Christ.

“I am super passionate about health education and believe it allows us to become more like our Savior”, Maryn said.

As the College of Nursing, we are so proud of Maryn and her outstanding accomplishments.