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Job Opportunities at the VA Hospital

The VA Hospital in Salt Lake City is a part of the Veterans Health Administration, one of the largest healthcare organizations in the United States. The organization is dedicated to caring for veterans who have served and protected the nation. “They’re a great population to work for,” Amber Brennan, a nurse recruiter, says. “They’re very different and unique in many ways, especially when we go into mental health aspects of things that our soldiers and veterans have had to go through for us. Everything our veterans have done has been for the greater good of our nation, so it is an honor to serve these people.”

The VA Hospital has two exciting job opportunities for current nursing students and nursing students about to graduate for those interested in working with veterans.

Current nursing students can apply to join a team of student nurse technicians. The goal is to create an environment that gives students active learning opportunities and support during their education. Benefits include flexible hours, direct mentorship with experienced nurses and preceptors, and additional educational opportunities. Contact Contessa Ramos at or 801-318-9100.

For nursing students who are about to graduate, the VA Hospital has a post-baccalaureate nurse residency program (PBNR). “This is an entry-level program that rotates you through all different areas in the hospital to give you experience. It’s a great program, especially if you’re not 100% on where you want to land,” Amber states. The program’s benefits include the same benefits as the student nurse technician program and add a supportive and educational environment, supervised work with gradual autonomy, monthly didactic instruction and seminars, experiential learning opportunities, and simulation exercise. For more information, contact Maggie Egan at or 801-582-1565.

Additionally, if you want to learn more about the VA Hospital, listen to Amber’s interview on Episode 44 of The College Handoff. She talks more in-depth about the resources for nurses at the VA Hospital, the hiring process, and the traits they look for in nurses. To listen, go to or anywhere you listen to podcasts.