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Madalynn Taylor Receives the DAISY Extraordinary Student Award

Madalynn Taylor and Dean Jane Lassetter

BYU College of Nursing maintains an ongoing collaboration with The DAISY Foundation in acknowledging nursing educators and students who demonstrate exceptional compassion. The DAISY Foundation originated from the Barnes family's desire to commemorate the life of Patrick Barnes, who tragically passed away at just 33 years of age from complications of an autoimmune disease. To honor him, their family established DAISY, an acronym representing "Diseases Attacking the Immune System," as a means to express their gratitude to the nurses who provided care to Patrick and to honor outstanding nurses worldwide.

This year, the College of Nursing presented the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nursing Students to Madalynn Taylor.

Madalynn received some outstanding nominations from other nursing students. One student said, “Madalynn goes out of her way to make people feel loved and cared for. One example of this love is her desire to serve, which often includes her taking time out of her busy schedule to voluntarily tutor her peers in anatomy, as well as bring treats to her peers.”

Another student reported, “Madalynn was one of the first people I knew when coming into the nursing program, and she has always made me feel so loved and supported. She is constantly complimenting others and looking for ways to make someone’s day better, and I know she will do that for her future patients as a nurse. When my husband had foot surgery, Madalynn went out of her way with a super busy schedule to bring us dinner and check on how we were doing. This is just one of many examples of her selflessness. During our long lecture days, she often makes cookies for us to brighten the day.”

The College of Nursing thanks Madalynn for her kindness and dedication to helping those around her.