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New Cohort Group Begins a Graduate Degree

The start of the spring semester is always exciting because it's when we get a new cohort of master's students. This year, we welcome 11 students from Virginia to right here in Provo. We're also welcoming back seven BYU nursing alumni.

When asked why she wants to become a family nurse practitioner, Erin Minhondo says, "I was impressed by the NP's I worked with in the ICU and desired greater independence in my practice."

The reason Brent Kamba decided to pursue his master's degree at BYU is simple. "I always knew I wanted to progress to become an FNP from before I even started nursing school. I think there is a huge need for primary care providers, and I like the nursing philosophy. I chose BYU because I know it is a reputable school, and they have a well-known nursing program. I was a former student, and I knew that it would be a challenge. I knew it was a small program, and I feel like I would get the best education in this environment."

Kea Snow says, "I am proud to be a BYU alumna and wanted that same pride with my master's degree. I also knew that working in Utah County, my education at BYU would be greatly appreciated and recognized for its excellence."

A similar statement comes from Josh Pinson. He says, "I believe that as an FNP, I can use my life experiences and talents to a greater extent than I do as a registered nurse. Brigham Young University offers top tier education/clinical experience and an established network of professionals and alumni." We are excited to see the amazing things each of these students accomplishes during their time at BYU!