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New Student Orientation Winter 2023

This semester, sixty new students are beginning BYU’s nursing program. Even though this is a smaller cohort than usual, this is a unique group from seventeen states and three countries. Additionally, a record high of twelve men were accepted into the program. 

Meet some of these amazing students!

Eliza Carlson is from Portland, Oregon. She’s wanted to be a nurse since high school when an exercise science class piqued her interest in healthcare. “I looked into many different areas within healthcare, and I want to do them all,” she said. “Nursing, to me, was a way to experience all of them, so I didn't have to choose.” Eliza is particularly interested in NICU nursing or labor and delivery, but she’s excited to learn diverse skills throughout the program.

Photo of Justin Kimball

Another student, Justin Kimball, is from Arizona. “I always wanted to do something in medicine but didn’t want to go to medical school,” he said. However, in the last year, he decided to go into nursing after talking to his sister, who graduated from BYU’s nursing program, and his uncle, who is a nurse anesthetist. Justin is excited about the program and plans to get an advanced degree after graduation.

At a new student orientation dinner, the students were introduced to faculty members and staff of the College. During the orientation, Dean Jane Lassetter asked students to understand the value of their education. She reminded students that faithful tithe payers subsidize the cost of education at BYU. For nursing students, this is especially poignant as the program expenses, between running labs and providing equipment, are particularly costly. Dean Lassetter urged students to be grateful for the “widow’s mite,” as our college is sanctified by it.

In closing, the dean said, “Here, we unabashedly claim to learn the Healer's art.” As nursing students learn how to be the Savior’s hands, they will be able to fulfill BYU’s creed to “Go forth to serve.” Dean Lassetter, the faculty, and the BYU community are excited to see our students use their knowledge to aid and comfort God’s children.