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The College of Nursing media team has been working on producing a podcast series called The College Handoff. With COVID-19 affecting events such as Career Night and the Speed Luncheon, we approached this podcast as a COVID-friendly alternative to those in-person events. Podcast guests are interviewed about their career fields, recruiters give resume and interview advice for students, and we have some fun “get to know you” segments as well. This project also functions as mentored learning experiences for student employees as they cannot receive this type of opportunity and knowledge from their School of Communications classes.

The podcast even won 2 state PR awards this past year!

Recent Episodes

Support At-Risk Populations

This podcast features nursing professor Dr. Peggy Anderson, who has spent her BYU career supporting at-risk groups. Peggy has taught students that compassion and love answer most concerns, from the incarcerated to refugees and even the homeless or those with disabilities. She shares her insight from 20 years of teaching at the university and her retirement plans. We also hear from two BYU alumni about inventions that make surgery safer and a low-cost device to help infants breathe easier.
The College Podcast team with their 2 "Golden Spike" awards.