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Rachel Carr Olsen Receives the DAISY Extraordinary Student Award

Rachel Carr Olsen and Dean Jane Lassetter

BYU College of Nursing maintains an ongoing collaboration with The DAISY Foundation in acknowledging nursing educators and students who demonstrate exceptional compassion. The DAISY Foundation originated from the Barnes family's desire to commemorate the life of Patrick Barnes, who tragically passed away at just 33 years of age from complications of an autoimmune disease. To honor him, their family established DAISY, an acronym representing "Diseases Attacking the Immune System," as a means to express their gratitude to the nurses who provided care to Patrick and to honor outstanding nurses worldwide.

This year, the College of Nursing presented the DAISY Award for Extraordinary Nursing Students to Rachel Carr Olsen. Rachel was nominated by Dr. Adrianna L. Watson, an Assistant Teaching Professor in the College of Nursing.

She said, “In the dynamic world of nursing, where theoretical knowledge meets practical application, there emerges a rare breed of student nurses who excel academically and shine in their clinical endeavors. Among such exceptional students stands Rachel, a 5th-semester nursing student who epitomizes the perfect blend of academic prowess and compassionate care.”

Dr. Watson elaborated on Rachel’s ability to extend Christlike compassion towards those around her with grace and tenderness. She said, “Each patient she interacts with is treated not just as a case but as a unique individual with stories, fears, and dreams. Rachel’s ability to build connections is unparalleled. Her attentive listening and empathetic responses quickly established a foundation of trust and respect with her patients. This rapport allows her to deeply understand their concerns, ensuring their needs are addressed holistically, medically, and emotionally.”

The College of Nursing is grateful for Rachel and her radiating attitude to help others.