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Two Students Elected as Regional Officers at the USNA Conference

At the February annual Utah Student Nurses’ Association (USNA) conference, BYU nursing students Marin McOmber and Otavio Tobias were elected regional officers.

As regional officers, they will be responsible for communicating with universities and nursing colleges throughout Utah and will promote events and share opportunities for Student Nurses’ Association (SNA) members. As officers, Marin and Otavio will also help organize and promote the annual conference, which brings together students from all regions of Utah.
Otavio is excited about working with USNA and shares his appreciation for the association and the possibilities it provides. He said, “Sometimes students struggle to see the value of SNA because they’re so focused on what’s going on here at BYU. They forget that there are events going on across the entire state that they are able to take part in.” As a member of SNA, you are also a part of USNA and the National SNA. Attending those events can be of value, as you meet people from all over who have different experiences and are aware of different opportunities. As Otavio said, “If you want to participate, there’s a place for you to participate.”

The College of Nursing is proud of Marin and Otavio and encourages students to look into the many opportunities the Student Nurses’ Association provides.