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Utah Nurse Practitioners Honors College Individuals

This past November, two BYU nursing students and a faculty member were recognized for their efforts in becoming and carrying out the nurse practitioner role.

As part of the Utah Nurse Practitioner’s annual recognition dinner, the 2022 UNP award for Excellence in Clinical Practice was presented to Associate Teaching Professor Dr. Craig Nuttall. He was recognized for his outstanding work as a nurse practitioner, educator, and nursing leader.

When Dr. Mike Robinson presented the award, he shared more about Dr. Nuttall’s work, specifically how he made a difference in India. Working with other healthcare leaders, Dr. Nuttall was able to develop the role of nurse practitioners and establish the first nurse practitioner program in India.

Dr. Robinson shared Dr. Nuttall’s story saying, “The initial stages of these efforts came while helping to develop standards of care and providing training to healthcare providers regarding the provision of care to religious pilgrims. In his travels, he noticed a need for the people of India. He noted that religious pilgrims often lacked access to healthcare on their journey. He also noted that the provision of care lacked uniformity and a unified standard. As he sought to improve access to care and establish acceptable standards of care, the local healthcare leaders took notice. His attention to detail, professionalism, motivation, and selfless desire to improve access and standards of care among people of another culture opened the door to opportunity.”

Dr. Robinson says Dr. Nuttall’s example and leadership will have a profound impact on the health of a staggering number of individuals by improving access and quality healthcare, increasing access to education and expanding career options, and raising the impact of nursing on the world’s population.

His example and inspiring work impact not only those in India but also in the U.S. as he regularly advocates for emergency NPs and RNs through his involvement with the ENA advanced practice advisory council. The BYU College of Nursing is impressed by Dr. Nuttall’s courage as he stands up for nurses and improves healthcare in any way he can.

At the UNP event, two BYU nursing students were also recognized. Angela Jacobs and Robert Kemsly, both students in the graduate program, received scholarships.

Both of these hardworking students completed research projects in the past year. Angela focused on the usability of vaccine information statements and learned how vital vaccine education could be for patients and practitioners. She was able to find solutions regarding the rising problem of vaccine acceptance. Robert researched and developed a new standardized division of labor for nurses in a volunteer clinic to increase their capacity to see patients. Both projects helped the students learn valuable skills and a new perspective that will be essential as they become nurse practitioners.

The accomplishments of these nursing students reflect the graduate program and the hard work that students and faculty put into their courses. The BYU College of Nursing is proud of Angela, Robert, and Dr. Nuttall and appreciates the time and effort they put into becoming exceptional healthcare providers.