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Patient Communication: Spanish for Nurses Club

Ever wonder what’s going on in the Spencer W. Kimball Tower at 5 pm on Tuesdays?

Ever wonder what’s going on in the Spencer W. Kimball Tower at 5 pm on Tuesdays? The BYU Spanish for Nurses Club, of course! Meeting in room 490 KMBL, nursing students get together for lessons, activities, and service projects where they can learn Spanish medical terminology and put it into practice.

Under the advisement of nursing faculty members Matt Anderson and Brandon Thatcher, a group of nursing students with a passion for the Spanish language learn beginning and advanced lessons. In their weekly meetings, participants review the basics of Spanish, focus on medical topics, and practice simulations with each other.

Natalie Hulme, a fifth-semester student and the president of Spanish for Nurses, says the club’s main focus is “helping nursing students be able to interact with the Hispanic Community in a positive way.” As a nurse, communicating with your patients is a top priority. This club is an opportunity for students to learn new skills in communication so they can provide the best care possible.

Speaking on the importance of communication, Natalie states, “I’ve had lots of opportunities in clinics where knowing Spanish has been incredibly beneficial…As a nurse, we’re interacting with people in their most vulnerable times when they’re dealing with the death of loved ones, infirmities, scary diagnoses, and lifestyle changes that they have to make.” She continues, “Being able to have anything that helps build rapport with the patient is a beneficial skill to have in nursing, and if that’s the language, it can help.”

The Spanish for Nurses club is an engaging environment where students can improve their communication skills and have fun at the same time. Whether you speak fluently and are looking for nursing students to converse with, want to learn Spanish for your upcoming public and global health clinical practicum, or simply want to be able to introduce yourself to Spanish-speaking patients, this club is for you!