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Student Spotlight: Emily Lorenzen

Emily and her husband

Meet our newest student spotlight: Emily Lorenzen! Emily is a sixth-semester nursing student who will be graduating this month. She loves to read, go on walks outside, and spend time with her husband. She is also super excited to be getting a new puppy soon.

Emily has loved her time at BYU and the nursing program but is excited to graduate. After graduation, she plans to move to Florida with her husband, where she hopes to work in a labor and delivery unit. While learning labor and delivery at the College of Nursing, Emily thrived. What she learned in school along with impactful capstone clinical experiences, led her to want to pursue labor and delivery further.

Emily shared how grateful she is for BYU and feels her education has prepared her to enter the workforce to make a difference. She said, “The nursing program has taught me to care for God’s children in more ways than one.” Throughout her time at BYU, Emily has made the most of many opportunities presented to her. She has gained experience through clinicals, her capstone project, and a study abroad in India. Emily has also earned a women’s studies minor. Through this minor, she learned about the struggles women face around the globe and how to help. Emily says everyone should get a women’s studies minor because it is truly eye-opening. She has loved combining her knowledge of women and nursing as she participated in the nurses empowering women club, and is excited to incorporate her knowledge into her future career, where she will work with women every day.

Emily also mentioned that her education prepared her spiritually to be a nurse. With the College of Nursing’s focus on teaching the Healer’s art, many nursing students at BYU feel connected to Christ as they work. Emily said, “I think having a spiritual aspect to my career is so cool. It’s amazing to be a representative of Jesus while working as a nurse and to have compassion and love as he had for others at vulnerable times.”

As a graduating nursing student, Emily’s advice for those just starting or still in the program is to get rid of comparison. Especially with finals coming up, she said it is important to know that you are worth so much more than your grade.

The College of Nursing is so grateful for Emily and her contributions to the nursing program and is excited to see what she accomplishes in the future. Congrats to her and all the other students graduating this spring!